What is VA

  • VA is its venue: the right place to follow the sessions and to talk about your own experience; a stunning location which brings together beauty and science, and where hard work combines with the opportunity to discover one of the most wonderful town in the world.
  • VA is its format: three days to live like in a new Agora, where it is easy to listen, to learn and to discuss; where you can share your personal experience and get an insight into the future challenges of cardiac rhythm management. A friendly way to learn and network.
  • VA is its faculty: the world’s top experts in cardiac arrhythmias turn out to be the best mentors and are really close to everybody who wants to meet them.
  • VA is its participants: not only learners, but active protagonists of the event. VA participants are welcome to share their views and ideas, make a diagnosis, suggest solutions, look for new partnerships, raise questions and propose scenarios for the next future.