A history of Innovation

Passed the milestone of its 30th anniversary, VA has established authoritatively like a pearl in the international panorama of cardiology medical conferences.

In all these years the main charactershave always been the greatest exponents of arrhythmology and electrophysiology.

In the1997 the workshop chose to move away from the crowded and chaotic hotels to search for a place where times for discussions and exchanges between personal guests were possible: here delegates and faculty without distinction could share their experiences, continually growing in excellence.

This idyllic location has been found in the Cini Foundation, an ancient Benedictine monastery on the island of San Giorgio, in the striking contour of the Venetian lagoon.

This biennial event has never disappointed for his ability to always focus on the most important topics for research, therapies and clinical practice for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

The Program Committee of Venice Arrhythmias has always caught the most topical problems and collected the challenges of the times.

They combine the most consolidated strategies on the theoretical and technological innovations, which over the years have changed, and are constantly changing, the diagnostic mode, the operating techniques and the approach with the patient and his disease.

VA has become a place of reference, where many personalities have shared their great progress, where many young doctors, confirmed and sustained in their ideas, have found the opportunity to grow professionally and become in turn the greatest experts.

Here are the secrets that – after 30 years – still maintain young and authoritative Venice Arrhythmias:

The best doctors

The most cutting-edge content

The friendly atmosphere and professional growth

The most suggestive and ideal venue in the most wonderful city in the world