Educational Grant



MedTech Europe is the European association representing companies that deal with medical technology, from diagnosis to treatment and operating in Europe.

Within MedTech Europe all aspects of the relationships of the companies associated to them with health professionals (HCP) and health organizations (HCO) are governed by the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics, presented in Europe on January 1, 2017.

This code, which came into force in Italy from 1 January 2018, implies an important change: independent medical education must be supported exclusively through Educational Support. This involves the interruption of direct sponsorship of health workers and is aimed at increasing transparency in the sponsorship process of Health Professionals participating in events of Scientific Societies.

The Educational Support provided to support the participation of HCP intended as registration, and / or travel and / or hotel accommodation to events organized by third parties, such as Venice Arrhythmias 2022, will be given by the Companies to the health organizations (HCOs) or to the Provider / Organizing Secretariat of the meeting Adria Congrex srl  (PCOs).


From 1 January 2018 the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics has undergone a major change aimed at increasing transparency in the sponsorship process of Healthcare Professionals participating in Scientific Society Events.

Specifically, the companies producing devices, equipment, drugs, etc. and Category Business Associations will no longer contribute to the training and updating of Healthcare Professionals through direct or indirect calls, but with the provision of Educational Support.

The participants – who will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the Congress on the basis of predefined parameters and criteria – will receive the afore mentionned supports with the collaboration and management of the reference PCO.

We therefore invite you to apply by and no later than January 15 2022 so as not to lose the opportunity to access one of the Educational Stations made available by some Congress Sponsors.

The scientific committee will evaluate the requests received and will make a selection taking into account the following criteria:

  • CV
  • Geographical area of origin
  • Years of experience
  • Cases per year