Newsletter 10/10/2018


Venice Arrhythmias Presidents are going to be Faculty in Taipei at APHRS 2018
October 17th – 20th

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We are glad to announce that our Presidents: Antonio Raviele, Andrea Natale and Sakis Themistoclakis are going to be Faculty at APHRS 2018, the 11th Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Session.
During the event they will be networking with other specialists and experts to make Venice Arrhythmias scientific program more interesting and innovative as never before.

Let’s have a look at the Presidents’ speeches and chairing

Antonio Raviele will be talking about “Vasovagal Syncope: Current Understanding and Management” during the “How to Manage Syncope Precisely in Different Etiology” session, and about “Pacemaker Therapy in Vasovagal Syncope: For Whom and When?” throughout the “How to Increase Value in Syncope Unit” symposium.
He is also going to chair “Comparisons in Different Countries and Populations”.

Andrea Natale will be lecturing in three different sessions: “Ablation of Long Standing Persistent AF: The Role of LAA Isolation“, “Advantages and Disadvantages of Stereotactic Radioablation for Cardiac Arrhythmias” and “LAA Morphology and Stroke“. He is also taking part to special session “How to Submit Your Paper: The Chief Editor’s View“.
He will be moderating: “Long-Term Outcome, Quality of Life, and Adherence to Guideline” and “Chaos and the Mapping Pitfall“.

Sakis Themistoclakis will intervene during the symposium “Risk of Systemic Thromboembolism and OAC Use Before, During and After AF Ablation”, about “Oral Anticoagulation After AF Ablation. Is It Possible to Discontinue?” and throughout the session “Pre and Post Ablation Care: How to Increase Your Value Precisely” about “The Role of LAA Isolation in AF Ablation and Consideration of LAA Occluder“.
He is also going to be Chairman at the session “AF Ablation: Long-Term Outcome, Quality of Life, and Adherence to Guideline

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