Friday, October 27, 2017

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08.30 Catheter ablation of AF: hot topics / controversies – Session 1 RCTS to prevent stroke and SD Case based lead extraction The new frontiers of AF Advancements in device technology are changing clinical practice Controversies in arrhythmias ablation: ventricular tachycardia Pacing: clinical issues 08.30 10.00
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10.15 11.45 Catheter ablation of AF: hot topics / controversies – Session 2 New tools, strategies, tricks for successful VT ablation Remote monitoring: how, for whom and where are we aiming in the future Treatment of AF: advances and challenges Hot topics in electrophysiology in 2017 Simulation in electrophysiology: expectations and facts Cardiac implantable electronic devices: different issues 10.15 11.45
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12.00 13.30 What to do after catheter ablation failure? Unusual variants focal VT ablation Advances in monitoring of devices and cardiac arrhythmias Hybrid approaches for treatment of persistent AF Challenges in electrophysiology in 2017 12.00 13.30
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14.00 15.30 LAA closure / occlusion: controversial issues Hot topics in ventricular tachycardia ablation Current status of telemedicine Dilemmas in modern rhythmology 14.00 15.30


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