Boheringer Ingelheim wins the Raffaella Pieri cutting edge communication message award

The first edition of the “Raffaella Pieri Cutting-Edge Communication Message Award” crowned Boheringer Ingelheim: the winner was announced during VA2013?s Opening Ceremony.
Boheringer Ingelheim received the award for its successful “1 Mission 1 Million” project, which the Jury described as “the most effective and innovative message communicated through an educational campaign”.

“1 Mission 1 Million” started in 2011, with the aim to raise the public audience’s awareness of atrial fibrillation and on AF-related stroke, through the support of projects and ideas encouraging the knowledge of this pathology and the improvement of its management.

Moreover, “1 Mission 1 Million” has also been promoting an international petition to collect 1 million signatures, aimed at asking healthcare organizations worldwide to recognize atrial fibrillation as a risk factor for stroke.

The news concerning the “Raffaella Pieri” award has been given huge coverage, both on the press and on the web.