Allied Professional Program 2019

Barbantini Room | 3rd October

1st Session 

Program Chairs: Salwa Beheiry – Cecilia Grasso – Greta Scaboro

The starting point to approach the EP patient
Chairs: S. Beheiry / Austin, USA – G. Zoppellaro / Venice, Italy

Important clues you can find from 12 lead 
K. Shea / Austin, USA

Diagnosis of SVT. Can you tell one from another? 
C. Gianni / Austin, USA

Antiarrhythmics drugs! Precautions and considerations for quality of care 
K. Brown / Austin, USA

DOAC management: what nurse should know
T. Schulte / Austin, USA

2nd Session 

Program Chairs: Salwa Beheiry – Cecilia Grasso – Greta Scaboro

Electrophysiology and complexity of nursing care
Chairs: L. Corò / Conegliano Veneto, Italy – C. Grasso / Venice-Mestre, Italy

Arrhythmias in ED: how to manage it 
M. Rampado / Venice-Mestre, Italy

Arrhythmias in ICCU: how to approach the VT storm 
A. Cutolo / Venice-Mestre, Italy

Arrhythmias in EP lab: role of nurse  
Italian experience 
V. De Rossi / Venice-Mestre, Italy
US experience 
S. Beheiry / Austin, USA

Complications associated with EP procedure and how to prevent and manage them 
D. Poser / Udine, Italy

3rd Session 

Program Chairs: Salwa Beheiry – Cecilia Grasso – Greta Scaboro

Practical issues in managing patients with arrhythmia
Chairs: E. Marras / Venice-Mestre, Italy – G. Scaboro / Venice-Mestre, Italy

Remote monitoring of devices: role of the nurse 
E. Bruschetta / Pordenone, Italy

Management of patient with device candidate to radiotherapy or MRI 
A. Maschera / Venice-Mestre, Italy

Navigating the psychosocial of arrhythmias with patient and family 
S.F. Sears Jr. / Greenville, USA

Life style in patients with implantable device 
A. Boscolo Anzoletti / Chioggia, Italy