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VA2013 Sponsors and Exhibitors Tips

As you may know, VeniceArrhythmias has always provided its sponsoring and exhibiting companies with a wide selection of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
VeniceArrhythmias’ Sponsors & Exhibitors have several opportunities to enhance their visibility, while consequently obtaining a great return in terms of marketing matches – and that is particularly true for the forthcoming edition. A brand new logo and pay-off, a recently refreshed website, lots of exciting news in terms of advertising and communication tool and opportunities.
Just let your company take advantage of the many VA2013 Sponsors & Exhibitors advertising solutions… including the following:
- An EVER-EXPANDING WORKSHOP, both in terms of participation by delegates and exhibiting companies and of overall popularity. Numbers are quite impressive, as those of Active Participants, Total Participants and Exhibitors are constantly increasing (download VA2011 Statistics)
- A CONTINUOUSLY EVOLVING, HIGH-QUALITY SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM, featuring contributions from international leading experts and providing our participants with innovative, up-to-date researches and news on the most important topics in the field of cardiology and arrhythmology – and offering several possibilities with VeniceArrhythmias’ long-time favourites such as Satellite Symposia and Luncheon Panels, and introducing our brand new E-learning/Distance Learning sessions

- A WEBSITE featuring over 30,000 visitors per edition (as per our 2011 edition’s stats), offering a diverse selection of advertising solutions, including an extensive NEWSLETTERS CAMPAIGN, thanks also to a targeted, highly-qualified mailing list of over 19,000 E-MAIL ADDRESSES

- A STRATEGICALLY PLANNED PARTICIPATION to all the most important field meetings and congresses: from USA to Asia, and all over Europe…yes, we’re going everywhere!

- An AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to reach a wide, international audience, featuring participants coming from an outstanding 68 countries all over the world – that meaning a great, rewarding potential in terms of marketing and communication

- A UNIQUE EMOTIONAL VALUE provided to our S & E’s brands by purposely designed and projected MERCHANDISE – got any special need to promote your brand and image? Just ask us, you’ll be surprised by the high customization of our offer!

- A PRESTIGIOUS CONGRESS VENUE, offering several different opportunities to ENHANCE YOUR COMPANY’S COMMUNICATIVE POWER: exhibiting at VeniceArrhythmias has always been a highly rewarding, and it will certainly be like that in 2013… only better!

We really look forward to giving you all the detailed info you need to make your company’s participation to VA2013 an unforgettable one!

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